Leadership Learning & Development

‘Making the difference to people, organisations and teams by helping them to develop their leadership learning and skills to perform better…..”


Needing help & support to develop your leadership learning………?


Leadership Learning & Development could be for you……!

Our approach to leadership learning & development is focused on the three key elements of the individual person, the team and the organisation.  It seeks to explore emotional competence (with acknowledgement to Daniel Goleman) with an emphasis on present and future needs.

Our learning content is developed from qualification and experience in the fields of Transactional Analysis, Action Centred Leadership, Clean Language, NLP and Emotional Intelligence and includes a blended approach with learning, training and coaching.

It can help you gain:

  • Some insightful leadership learning
  • Skills relevant to the present and future of your leadership environment
  • Some models to help you in your leadership
  • Real effectiveness into your leadership

And achieve:

  • Greater awareness of self and leadership impact
  • Improved management of self and improved self-influence
  • Better awareness of others in their leadership approach
  • Improved management of leadership relationships.


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help you achieve what you have always wanted to achieve!