Life Coaching


‘Making the difference to people’s lives by enabling and encouraging them to lead the most fulfilled lives that they were born to live’


Our approach to life coaching adopts an inclusive approach for adults of all ages, specifically designed either for individuals, organisations, community or groups – based in in the South West Wales area it is available during the normal working week and by specific booking at weekends and evenings.  I offer face to face, telephone and internet (e-mail) service on request.  Also available Life Coaching Packages and Gift Vouchers with a difference!

It can help you gain:


 A vision and direction in key areas of your life

 Skills to set specific and relevant life or life area goals

 A strategy to achieve those goals

 A real start to begin to live the life of your dreams


And achieve:


 Clarity of Direction in life and purpose

 Increase in self – confidence & self esteem

 Reduce stress

 Significant progress in the achievement of personal goals

 Motivation that lasts

 A positive change in mind-set.


I look forward to hearing from YOU and working with YOU to help YOU achieve what YOU have always wanted to achieve!